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J.W. Sadler Ltd focuses on the design and architecture of software; building solutions using well understood and documented agile-based, engineering processes.  We take the time to understand our clients' needs, and have been able to deliver software that dovetails neatly with the businesses that we work with.  We also have experience in setting up and training in-house teams to use the best in-bread agile processes and development tools.  Our recent work ranges from the complete end-to-end development of a Loans Management System for an international financial company to an in-depth architectural review of a major insurance companies' software platform.


I was asked to lead the development of a solution that leveraged the Sitecore© CMS, to build a Freight Management System for a local e-commerce company.  We were able to leverage many of Sitecore's unique features to create a finished product within 3 months.  The end result was an SOA application that used loosely coupled components to allow local carriers the ability to enter their rates in an intuitive way, but also be able to deliver those rates through various APIs at high speed to a calling application or system.

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